Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

First-time translation of one of the oldest critiques of liberalism.

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Be Informed
“We ought to be as heedful against dangerous ideas as we are against dangerous people.”

Be Biblical
“Why are people so often so easily deceived by unwholesome writings? Because they are not guided by Holy Scripture.”

Be Encouraged
“Many feel that they are weak in the battle against the giants, the prominent men of our time. But if you are familiar with this one necessity, namely Scripture, you will always have a weapon with which to resist injustice.”

And Fight Liberalism
“So what is a radical? I will explain it by comparing him to something more familiar, a liberal. For simplicity’s sake, I will explain it in this way: a radical is a complete liberal in the same way that a liberal is a half-radical. A liberal is a radical who is stopped in his tracks. A radical is a liberal who, by virtue of suitable circumstances, was able to grow to maturity. Or, to put it even more briefly: liberalism is the seed of which radicalism is the fruit.”

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Groen Van Prinsterer

Who was Groen?

He was the father of neo-Calvinism, and one of the first Burkean conservatives.

Political mentor of Abraham Kuyper, recommended by Herman Bavinck, a Reformed Presbyterian and Dutch Parliamentarian, Groen Van Prinsterer continues to address the ills of modernity.

Praise for Groen Van Prinsterer

“…the work of the great Dutch Calvinist scholars William Groen Van Prinsterer and Abraham Kuyper represented the greatest development in Calvinist thought on law, authority, and church-state questions since the time of Calvin, Knox, and the French Hugenot tractarians.” Douglas F. Kelly, former Professor of Systematic Theology, RTS (Jackson)

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